Have You Ever Seen A Mouse This Big?

By Joseph LaRocca JUN 08, 2023
in Ultrasonic Home Tech

Did you know, rodents are evolving too! This is one reason why it's increasingly difficult to get rid of them. As a result, common household chemical pesticides are losing their potency, and the chemical residues in the air can harm human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed the urgent need for a green and effective rodent repellent method.

Rodents Experimental Research

Biologist Matteo, who has studied rodent species for 30 years, has been analyzing their genes, thoughts, and behaviors. He discovered that rodents could develop resistance to chemical pesticides within three generations due to their high reproductive capabilities. However, their brain evolution is slower, with evolution rates of only 2.61% per decade. Matteo realized that targeting their brains would be a long-term solution to the rodent problem.

Matteo understood that ultrasound affects animal behavior. He started to find the ultrasonic frequency that rodents find most intolerable. They can hear frequencies as high as 80kHz, while humans can hear between 20Hz and 20kHz. Hence, Matteo divided his experiments into three groups: 20kHz to 40kHz (first group), 40kHz to 60kHz (second group), and 60kHz to 80kHz (third group).

After a 30-day controlled experiment, Matteo's team made surprising findings: the first group's ultrasonic frequency was effective for the initial 20 days, but the rodents grew accustomed to the noise during the last 10 days; the third group's frequency was effective for all 30 days, but only for 89% of the rodents; the second group, however, had the best results with 97% of the rodents showing continuous aversion throughout the 30 days. Matteo's team eagerly shared their findings and developed the Safe Repeller rodent deterrent.

Ultrasonic Safe Repeller

Safe Repeller releases ultrasonic waves between 40kHz and 60kHz, creating noise intervention for specific animal species, causing them to feel repelled and avoid the area. One of the remarkable aspects of the Ultrasonic Safe Repeller is that it continuously varies the frequency of the ultrasonic waves it produces. This frequency variation prevents pests from becoming accustomed to a constant sound frequency, thereby maintaining its effectiveness over time.

The benefits of the ultrasonic pest repeller Safe Repeller are many:

100% Safe For Pets & Children
Environmental Friendly
800 Sq/Ft Coverage
Zero Chemicals
Critter-Free Zone in 2 Weeks

Remarkable Results

Ultrasonic Safe Repeller is really easy to use. Simply plug the Safe Repeller unit into any outlet and in no time at all your home will be completely free of unwanted household pests - the results are incredible...

Rids Homes of Rats & Mice Within Days
Gets Rid of Voles In Just Hours
Eliminates Cockroaches & Ants Instantly

Where To Buy?

No other pest eliminator was able to match Safe Repeller on speed, range, pest elimination... or price! Currently, Safe Repeller is running a massive 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

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Elphine Darcel

The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 4 Packs is simply remarkable! I've battled a frustrating cockroach infestation for months, but since installing these devices around my home, the problem is officially resolved. As promised, the product began to yield results in just a couple of weeks.

Ashutosh Nirala

I have a ton of plants in my house so I need to take precautions. Sadly, saw evidence of mice. I don't like lethal approaches, so this is perfect. They are a lot quieter than the others I had in (if you don't have super sensitive hearing like me, you won't hear at all). They definitely work. They was an increase in dropping for a few days but after that nothing. Very easy to use just plug them in.

Tracey Mahoney

These little machines are a miracle. I had a mice in my kitchen, which I tried almost everything, I googled to see if there were anything that could get rid of this mouse. I came across this product and I decided to give it a try, It's now six weeks and I can tell u , it did just what I was told it would do

T. Knox

I had a bad rat problem I would catch at least 2-3 rats in my basement every night or couple of days because of abandoned house next door to me. I would plug holes they would dig covered my basement windows purchased electric traps and they would solve problem for a week or so than come back. Device worked just as described. Lot of activity the first couple of days than by the 2nd week nothing.

Nate Rose

This is great product. We just built a house in the country, and I was worried about bugs and mice, since our property backs up to a farm. As soon as we moved in, I bought four of these, and placed them throughout the house, and in the garage. We've lived here three months now, and so far I haven't seen anything except a couple of stink bugs, so I am crediting these plug-ins for keeping everything else away!

Ronald Chapman

I bought these originally for spiders, as I'm terrified on the little critters. I have at least one plug in in every room of my house and I seen very few of anything the has more than 2 legs(even fricking ants). I highly recommend these to anyone who gets the creepy crawlies or just simply doesn't want to share their living corridors.

John Carlo Santos

I had a family of Mice living on my garage last winter. I caught several in traps but could still hear the creepy things running around every time I opened the door. I plugged two of these in my garage and the next day when I opened the door three mice ran out the door and I never saw another one. It's also way nice than cleaning up the trapped carcasses. Worth every penny.

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Felicia Sandoval

I like how easy these are to use. I hear absolutely nothing so it doesn't bother us. It has not bothered my dog or my cat either. I put two in my large basement and one in most rooms upstairs. So far I haven't seen any spiders, fingers crossed! It may not have been long enough to see results, but I hope these keep working!

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Eric Capri

When you have chickens or any livestock, you have rats... not mice, rats... trying to get in the feed. plugged four of these puppies in at the garage where we keep the feed and NO MORE RATS... after killing 5, we are thrilled. We have deer, etc around and didn't want to poison rats and by proxy, any foragers... this was a GREAT alternative.

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Rabia Khan

We put the 6 devices throughout our house. 2 upstairs, 2 on the main floor, and 2 in the basement. I don't think we've seen a single spider anywhere in our house since we did this despite the weather warming up and being a time of year we typically see more spiders. I would recommend these

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Dr. Ken

I bought this as a preventative measure to prevent active pests that appear in the warmer months from coming into my apartment. So far so good! I like the light feature (that can be switched off!) which is supposed to ward off flying pests (mosquitoes) but also acts as a nightlight.

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M. Adams

These rodent and insect repellent plug-ins work amazingly well! They do what they say! I had a rodent problem and after a week, they were gone! No sight of them anywhere! I really dig the blue light as well, works as a great insect deterrent and as a night light! I would recommend these plug-ins to anyone and everyone!

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M. Adams

I saw A roach in my bathroom about a month ago and I panicked And bought this product. So far so good!! I haven't Even seen a fruit fly since I started Using it! Love it!! And it doesn't make you light bill high at all!

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Misty Faucheux

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of electric repellers but I must say this product works great! I saw a lot of roaches in my kitchen area and it was driving me crazy but I bought this product and it is amazing getting rid of roaches.

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Katherine Ruggles

It has been a month since I received and plugged in the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller units. Since then no mice were caught in the many traps I have set. No signs for any infestation have appeared since then. The blue glow on each unit indicates that they are working and doing their job in keeping mice away. So far, so good. Excellent product!

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Krinjal Jain

I have a severe phobia of mice. Every spring we see obvious signs of an invasion. Since I purchased the ultrasonic pest repeller, they are gone! I was skeptical, now I'm a believer. Safe for little ones and pets. You just plug it in!

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